Liam Bruce

Fair Pay Campaign 

The gender pay gap is a huge controversial subject which is currently debated across the world. As a man, I wanted to understand how it would feel to be out of pocket simply because of my gender, which sparked this idea.

After some research, I found that the gender pay gap was around 10% at the time. If some business’ are unwilling to pay women equally, then why don’t we reduce their living costs and product prices by 10%, helping women afford the same things as men. We aren’t stopping the gender pay gap, but in a unique way, we are helping women feel equal.

When men see women get the same products and services as them at a reduced price, they can get a grasp of what the gender pay gap feels like, yet in a way, we are still equal.

As reducing prices for women for a long period of time would be impossible. We can create an awareness campaign to take part on International Womens Day that all gender equal business’ can participate in by reducing their prices for women by 10% on a one day event. A campaign that affects both genders and adds even more pressure to companie’s that have not yet accepted and corrected gender inequality.

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