Liam Bruce
Campaign 1

Nike Parkrun Partnership

I’m a keen participant of Parkrun, its a great way to stretch your legs and clear your mind after a week in the office. But being a creative, your always thinking how you can turn something into SOMETHING.

One Saturday morning, I really had to give myself a kick to go to Parkrun. As I started running, I started thinking what would boost my motivation to get me more active and this idea was born. Parkrun has thousands of weekly participants and a strong family like communtiy, but Parkrun hasn’t hit the ground running commercially as it has very little advertising.

My idea is to partner Parkrun with Nike which rewards people for being more active by joining a growing running community. Parkrun helps amateur runners get into the sport, the perfect customer base for Nike which already has all the tools to help them develop. With a partnership app, members can track their stats and keep up to date the latest news and parkrun information. With a reward scheme in place, members could tick off milestones, such as completing parkruns and beating records to gain rewards and exclusive discounts on Nike products. Motivating members to stick at it, while also kitting them out with better equipment to help them grow.

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